Our Programs

Are you a champion team or a team of champions? Most organisations have good teams, but what does it take to make a champion team? Well, the answer is not a team of champions.

It’s easy to get good players. Getting them to play together, that’s the hard part. A champion team is one that produces extraordinary results through:

  • Respect and trust for all the members to do the job they need to do
  • Understanding each other’s “fallback patterns” and supporting each other to overcome them
  • Valuing the strengths of each individual and enabling them to do their job
  • Not being afraid to ask each other for help, and share their vulnerabilities
  • Understanding that the strength of a common purpose unites them
  • Displaying both openness and willingness to frankly air differences
  • Agreeing on common goals, and are not relying only on the strongest member of the team
  • Displaying cooperation and collaboration, both within the team and also with other teams and stakeholders

So, ask yourself – do you have a champion team? Contact us to see how we can help you build a team that learns how to value each other, face confrontation honestly and honourably, and co-operate with each other to achieve astounding outcomes.

Authentic Leadership is much discussed, poorly understood and harder to develop. Today’s organisation operates in a global world competing for limited skills resources, trying to do more with less to cut costs. This creates task focused mindsets that produce more stress and less elegant results.

As leader, you will influence the mood, culture, and performance of your organisation – not by what you say, but what you do and how you do it. Leaders need to communicate the vision for the organisation, set the tone, and inspire achievement through building confidence for others. Words constitute only 7% of what people receive, the rest is non-verbal: tone of voice, body language. Do you know what your body language and tone of voice is, and what it communicates?

Our six month coaching programme provides the ideal opportunity to find out. Working in six three hour intensive sessions with the horses, you will receive honest, non-judgmental feedback on how you are communicating.

Are you communicating with clarity, purpose, trustworthiness and respect? Each session gives you feedback, and allows you to connect more authentically in a discreet environment where you can change your approach and experiment. The sessions are designed to help:

  • Read others accurately
  • Understand the message that you are communicating with non-verbal signals
  • Develop clarity and purpose with your communication
  • Manage your own emotions as well as others’
  • Master assertiveness without aggression
  • Develop empathy towards yourself as well as others

Between each session you will receive ongoing follow up and support as you find the Authentic Leader within.

The modern organisation is under more pressure than ever before; downsizing, global economics, increasing competition in an increasingly global and wired world. People in organisations no longer have time to reflect, to unwind, to think creatively. They are spending their “free” time to check emails, fret about the tasks left undone and plan for the next day without even having “quality” time for themselves.

Some people thrive on this. Most people don’t. To lead others, requires us to lead ourselves first. Do you have the resilience, focus, and clarity to lead with authority? Our self leadership workshops show people how to discover the authentic self, and act with clarity and purpose to achieve our goals.

Our horses help you to develop your innate capabilities and overcome the fears that limit your potential. Through working with our horses, you will understand how to face your self-limiting beliefs and practice a different way of managing yourself and your energy which you will be able to take back to your workplace.

You will learn the elements of emotional intelligence in self leadership:

  • Emotional awareness; you will discover your default patterns and practice more effective ones
  • Emotional reasoning; you will learn how to incorporate feelings into your planning process so you can create more effective outcomes
  • Emotional management; you will understand how you manage your feelings and develop ways of managing that will lead to more effective outcomes in interactions with others
  • Emotional control; you will learn how to control your emotions in a way that acknowledges them in a healthy way, and allows you to deal with conflict effectively and assertively

These skills provide the foundation of authentic leadership – call us and step up to a new way of leading.